Most of the food we eat does not provide enough nutrients. Supplements that can be taken with the food we eat will ensure that we remain energetic and very productive.  Taking supplements guarantees that one will have a good nutrition and healthy bodies. Unhealthy lifestyles and poor eating habits are the reasons why the intake of nutrients is not sufficient.  Aging makes men susceptible to a variety of diseases such as hair loss, enlarged prostates and heart diseases.  These nutrients will equally benefit women if they choose to use them.


Folic acid, vitamin E, omega 3 and calcium are the most used supplements.  If men are not able to get the nutrients that they need from food, they need to take calcium supplements.  When the body has sufficient calcium it regulates the weight in men's bodies. The minimum calcium for a man's body is 1000 mg which is recommended on a daily basis.  In order for the body to be strong, three servings of food filled with calcium everyday will suffice. Click for more details.


To prevent quick aging, Vitamin E will ensure this. It ensures the skin does not dry and it has antioxidant properties which get rid of toxins.  Vitamin E is also advantageous for the scalp as it ensures sufficient blood and air circulation to the scalp.  Vitamin E prevents diseases like heart conditions, eye problems and cancers.    Nuts and oils are the types of food rich in Vitamin E.  Since it is not every day that one gets to intake food that has the required amount of vitamin E, the Vitamin E supplements will provide for the 400 UI daily dosage requirement.  It keeps the body healthy. See these men's supplement reviewed clenbuterol.


The occurrence of heart problems is reduced by folic acid as stated by doctors.  Blood flow increases and clotting in the arteries is regulated.  Risks of getting heart attacks are reduced since homo cysteine levels are regulated. Folic acid is known to treat the Alzheimer condition.  Men who are getting old are advised to use these supplements. 500 mg is the minimum daily dosage needed.  To see the benefits, folic acid needs to be taken on a daily basis according to the required dosage. For more facts about supplements, visit this website at


Omega 3 is the other supplement.  The fatty acids enhance the health as they are very nutritious.  When men consume omega 3 as part of their diet, the chances of getting a heart attack are highly reduced. Cholesterol levels are kept in check and it regulates the blood pressure levels.  High amounts of omega 3 are found in fish and fish oil.  Blood flow is enhanced and clots reduced when omega 3 is used.  It has been proven that it prevents the loss of hair, it is good for mental health and it improves vision.



A sufficient consumption will prevent many diseases and it will keep you healthy.